Selda BPMConsultant BPMCompany

I have been working as a Pega Developer for BPM Company for about 9 months now. Before that I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Engineering in Istanbul, Turkey. Afterwards, I gained some work experience in Turkey and decided to pursue a master’s degree in a foreign country, which ended up being the Netherlands. It is at Technical University of Eindhoven where I got my master’s degree in Business Information Systems, following the BPM track.

What I like about working at BPM Company is that the work I do is always appreciated and seen by the managers. You actually feel like you are part of the company’s community and that your ideas are always welcome and taken into account. Before I worked for BPM Company I had experience in the BPM area but none with Pega. So, one of my proudest moment was when I was able to get up to speed with Pega so quickly.

Currently, I’m a Senior System Architect this means I develop solutions within the IT projects of BPM Company’s customers, which is done by designing the solution in a case management lifecycle. Until now the biggest challenge I have encountered at work has been being able to speak the same language with colleagues from different areas, like business architects, testers and business managers. But separate from that I am able to learn from other experienced Pega Developers when on the projects.

In a couple of years when I have gained more experience I would want to become a certified Lead System Architect (CLSA) in Pega and I would like to lead a team on my own in a Pega project. So, that is one of the reasons why I follow extra online Pega training. But separate from that I also take a look at the Pega Developer Network (PDN) forum, I always find myself discovering new information while reading through.

My advice for individuals in this line of work would be to always be passionate about the work you are doing and always be open to learn from others.


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