April 26, 2023

BPM Company and Pegasystems NL join forces for an exclusive Pega event

BPM Company has been a certified Pega partner of Pegasystems for over eleven years. Therefore, on the 20th of April 2023, BPM Company and Pegasystems joined forces for an exclusive event. Led by the experienced specialists of Pegasystems, the Pega specialists of BPM Company received an inspiring afternoon full of presentations about Pega.

The future of Pegasystems

Pegasystems’ numbers don’t lie: the future for the model-driven platform looks bright. Recent research by Pegasystems shows that Pega even has the highest Gartner score among all popular model-driven platforms.

Expansion of functionalities

With Pega, companies and specialists already have many innovations at their disposal, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Nevertheless, developments within Pega do not stand still. The platform will also improve and expand its functionalities in the coming weeks, months, and years.

An important development within Pega is artificial intelligence (AI). Although artificial intelligence is already available within Pega, the low-code platform aims to further expand the options for artificial intelligence. For example, Pega Prediction Studio can help companies apply artificial intelligence in their business operations and Pega is developing its own ChatGPT in the form of the “Self-Study Buddy”. Pega will therefore continue to offer companies sufficient opportunities to use the latest innovations in the future.

Partnership between BPM Company and Pegasystems NL

This exclusive event is a great milestone in the long-term collaboration between BPM Company and Pegasystems NL. We therefore look back on a successful afternoon that is worth repeating. We would like to thank Pegasystems NL for their hospitality and the inspiring afternoon.

Do you also want to benefit from the many functionalities of Pega? Or do you also want to be at the next exclusive event? Please contact us or view our vacancies.


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