May 6, 2015

BPM Company to train Pega BPM Consultants in Romania

IT service provider BPM Company from the Netherlands will start training Romanian IT professionals to become Pega (Senior) System Architects . This training will take 5 weeks, combining self- study and guidance from senior staff. After finishing, they will be ready to work in BPM projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania.

As a first step, 4 IT professionals will be trained as junior Pega BPM consultant. BPM Company´s goal is to employ 15 Romanian employees, doubling their current number of BPM consultants. “Romanian employees have a strong work ethic”, says managing director Eelco Vissinga of BPM Company. “My experience is that Romanian employees have a lot of passion and a great desire to learn and develop within the IT industry.”

Potential customers in Romania are the Dutch ING bank, insurance company Nationale Nederlanden and telecom provider Orange. These companies already use Pega BPM to optimize their business processes.

More practical experience

In March, BPM Company opened an office in Iasi, located in eastern Romania. ” Iasi has the oldest university of Romania, Ion Cuza University. Each year around 1,000 IT professionals enter the market. These people have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, comparable to the Dutch level. Many Romanian students finance their studies themselves and so they often already started work ing in the IT sector.” Vissinga thinks that Romanian IT graduates in general have more practical experience than Dutch IT students.

Recently, a team of BPM Company professionals gave a demonstration of Pega during CodeCamp Iasi to recruit people. “Romanian IT professionals don’t know this kind of software, BPM software is not used a lot at universities in Romania. We wanted to show how a platform like Pega can perform.”

BPM Company will take more initiatives to raise awareness about Pega among Romanian professionals. T he company will soon organize a session for which 30 to 40 IT professionals are invited. Furthermore, lectures will be given at university by Dutch employees and students will be invited for internships.

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Press Release, May 6, 2015