BPM Company was founded in the Netherlands in 2011. Since then, we have developed and grown rapidly. We finished 6th place in the Top 100 of FD Gazellen 2015 and won "Best ICT-project of the year in the SMB segment" at the Computable Awards 2015. We have a team of enthusiastic, certified and experienced BPM consultants and developers. We work for various clients in multiple industries such as Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Utility and Service industry. BPM Company operates in the Benelux with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and recently a near-shore branch was established in Romania.

What we do

BPM Company is an IT service provider specialised in the realisation of business applications by deploying BPM platforms. With a BPM platform, organisations can easily model their own business processes from end-to-end. With these process models, applications can then be configured in a rapid and simple manner and integrated into the existing application landscape.

We advise you about the possibilities that BPM can offer you, as well as the risks that may be involved. We look a little further and take on the customer’s perspective to identify opportunities for improvement. We create long-term partnerships with different kinds of enterprises.


Strategic partnerships

BPM Company is a strategic partner of three global market leaders in BPM software: Pegasystems, BonitaSoft and Mendix. We have been an alliance partner of Pegasystems since 2011, an expert partner of BonitaSoft since 2013 and recently a certified  implementation partner of Mendix. This means that our consultants are supported by and certified in Pegasystems, BonitaSoft and Mendix technology.

Strategic advantage

Our customers achieve strategic advantage of working with BPM software. The business is directly involved in the iterative modeling and automating of business processes. Also, applications are developed quicker and more efficient. This leads to lower development and maintenance costs, and enables greater flexibility and agility for the client organization. Examples of business processes that we automate are in various fields such  as marketing, customer service, sales and operations.


Are you curious about the possibilities of BPM for your organisation? On our website, you can see what projects we have realised for clients. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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